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About Jenn

Jennifer Buck, MA, CCC-SLP, owner of Jabbermouths, is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. She is proud big sister to Maddison who has Down Syndrome and niece to Allan, who has Cerebral Palsy. Being a therapist and a family member provides her with great insight on the excitement and challenges faced by families of children with special needs.

Prior to establishing Jabbermouths, Jennifer spent 2 years training with Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson at Talktools® in Tucson, AZ. This clinic specialized in the evaluation and treatment of oral-motor disorders, apraxia of speech, sensory integration, and muscle tone deficits. There she was responsible for providing therapeutic, diagnostic, and program planning for adults and children. She was also the Travel Clinic Coordinator, playing aninstrumental role in expanding a program where families across the nation could be evaluated by an oral-motor specialist, in their community, to develop a home program of oral motor activities. She continues to field clinical questions from therapists around the country.
Maddi at her first Diamondback's Game!

Currently Jennifer maintains her private practice, serves as a clinical consultant for feeding/oral-motor in the Phoenix, AZ community and also works at Phoenix Children'sHospital where she completes modified barium swallow studies (MBS), Vital Stimulation/Vital Stim therapy, and the evaluation and treatment of feeding disorders.

In addition to her passion for treating patients with speech/oral-motor/feeding disorders, Jennifer also lectures to parent groups and other therapists. She was an invited speaker to the Orlando Down Syndrome Convention and has presented in Kentucky, St. Louis, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Indiana. Jennifer has professional affiliations with the America Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Arizona Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ArSHA).

Team Jabbermouths at the Special Olympic's Relay Triathlon
Jennifer has completed specialized training in oral-motor techniques for feeding and speech production, Neurodevelopmental training (NDT) with an emphasis on rib cage movements and postural support, P.R.O.M.P.T. facial cuing systems, Vital Stimulation treatment for dysphagia, Talk Tools(R) Oral placement therapy, Lori Overland feeding techniques, Dysphagia evaluation and management using Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of the Swallow (FEES) and the Sequential Oral Approach to Feeding (S.O.S) with Dr. Kay Toomey.